Muteesa II

Last Will of King Muteesa II

Mutesa IIiiii

This is the official translation of Ssekabaka Edward Mutesa’s will, approved by Mayanja Nkangi (then Katikkiro), as a true translation and authenticated by Andrew Frederick Mpanga on March 3, 1970 in London:

  • I, Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa II of MMENGO, P.O.Box 58, KAMPALA. This is my Will, which I am making in the event of my demise when the Lord pleases to take me away from this world.

  • My children. The following are my natural children, sons and daughters:-

    1. Ronald Frederick Muwenda Mutebi (the son of Omuzaana Kabejja).
    2. Dorothy Namukabya Nassolo.
    3. Anne Sarah Kagere.
    4. Suna (who lives in Mr. Augustine M. Bakaluba’s home).
    5. Ndawula (the son of the late Muzaana Nalwoga).
    6. Catherine Nabaloga
    7. Mukarukidi (who lives in Toro).
    8. Masamba (who lives with the Namasole at Namulesa).
    9. Goloba (who lives at Mr. Blasio K.Kavuma’s)

  • MY HEIR. My child No.1. Ronald Frederick Muwenda Mutebi is my heir whom I have chosen to succeed me (to succeed to my Mutuba).

  • Succession to the Kabakaship. On the matter of the election of the Kabaka or the successor to the Kabakaship. This is well known that he is elected by the Lukiiko, he is that Prince chosen by the majority of the members of the Lukiiko, however, in this MY WILL I feel that I must indicate my opinion to my people.

    The Princes enumerated in the following order should be considered first for election:-

    (i) My heir Ronald Frederick Muwenda Mutebi. As I have not got a son born within wedlock, my said heir should be considered first of all for succession to the Kabakaship.
    (ii) Or – one of my children the brothers of that Prince No.1 above.
    (iii) Or – my younger brother Henry H. Kimera

  • The Election of the Kabaka. As I have already pointed out in the foregoing, I leave this matter to the people (the Lukiiko representing the people) to elect from among those I have already mentioned above.

  • MY property. All my property, and its distribution among my children and some other members of my family, are listed in a schedule attached to this Will.

  • Trustees: The following are the Trustees whom I have chosen and hereby empower to deal with my children’s affairs:-

    1. The Namasole
    2. The Nalinya Mary Nakamanya
    3. Owek Mikaeri Kintu
    4. Omw. A.R.Lule

    It must be understood that if one of the Trustees mentioned above dies the remaining three shall meet and choose another person to fill the vacancy caused by that death; and the person chosen shall first of all be introduced to the Katikkiro, the Ministers and the Regents, after which introductions the person will act as one of the Trustees.

    AND if the Trustees find any difficulty in the execution of their duties they shall bring that difficulty to the notice of the Katikkiro in office for the time being for his advice and decision, for according to the Kiganda customs and traditions, The Katikkiro is charged with the welfare of this country’s Princes and Princesses of the Mugaguzo.

  • Regents: As the custom is the matter of the election of Regents before a young Kabaka comes of age, that matter is within the competence of the Lukiko; but if my No.1 heir Prince Ronald Frederick Muwenda Mutebi, is elected to be the next Kabaka whereby his mother becomes the Namasole, then the Namasole must be elected as one of the Regents.

  • I have signed this MY WILL and approved of same while in complete possession of my faculties and in good health, today 6th August 1956, before my Trusted Witnesess who were present and saw me put my signature to this Will.

I, Edward Frederick Wm. Mutebi Mutesa.


  1. I.T.M Sewanyana.

  2. Musa K.Parma Ntanda

  3. Robert H.Ntambi Mukasa.

I the undersigned Andrew Frederick Mpanga of 37 Elgin Crescent London W.11 hereby certify that the above is a true and accurate translation from the Luganda language into the English language of the Will of His Highness the Late Sir Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa II, K.B.E.; Kabaka of Buganda.

Dated March 3, 1970 (Signature appended)