Royals of Kanabba


Grand Sons and Daughters of Kabaka Chwa II

1. Prince (Kiweewa) George William Mawanda Chwa’s Children;-

a) Prince (Omulangira) George William Suuna

b) Prince (Omulangira) Fredrick Walugembe

c) Prince (Omulangira) Alfred Kiggala.

d) Prince (Omulangira) Henry Kimera.

e) Prince (Omulangira) David Mulondo.

f) Prince (Omulangira) Albert Victor Mutebi.

g) Prince (Omulangira) Richard Horod Nakibinge.

h) Prince (Omulangira) James Swalley Semakokiro.

a) Princess (Omumbejja) Victoria Juliyane Muggale. b. 8th June 1953 (d/o Sara Nayiga). Naalinya. She d. at Kasubi, 5th January 1999 (bur. there at the Royal Tombs)

b) Princess (Omumbejja) Beatrice Kagere.

c) Princess (Omumbejja) Eva Kyombi.

d) Princess (Omumbejja) Florence Mpologoma.

e) Princess (Omumbejja) Eva Nabweteme.

f) Princess (Omumbejja) Rose Nakabiri.

g) Princess (Omumbejja) Mary Nakamaanya.

h) Princess (Omumbejja) Alexizandereya Nalumasni.

i) Princess (Omumbejja) Margaret Nkinzi. She d.

j) Princess (Omumbejja) Florence Sikyagatema. She d.

k) Princess (Omumbejja) Getrude Tebattagwabwe.

l) Princess (Omumbejja) Alice Zalwango.

2. Prince (Omulangira) Alfred Joseph Kato Kiggala’s Children;-

a) Princess (Omumbejja) Nakayenga.

3. Prince (Omulangira) Henry Wasswa Kalemera‘s Children;-

a) Prince (Omulangira) Juuko. He d.

b) Prince (Omulangira) Henry Kato Kamaanya.

a) Princess (Omumbejja) Alexizandereya Babirye Mpologoma.

b) Princess (Omumbejja) Nachwa.

c) Princess (Omumbejja) Elizabeth Nakabiri.

d) Princess (Omumbejja) Catherine Namukaabya.

e) Princess (Omumbejja) Tebattagwabwe.

4. Prince (Omulangira) Daniel Sepiriya Luswata’s Children;-

  • Prince (Omulangira) Francis Kanaakulya.
  • Prince (Omulangira) David Nakibinge.
  •  Prince (Omulangira) Daniel Namugala.
  •  Princess (Omumbejja) Jennifer Nabweteme.
  •  Princess (Omumbejja) Mary Nakamaanya.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Deborah Nawatti.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Marion Sikyagatema.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Evelyn Ssangalyambogo.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Irene Ssebalimuti.

5. Prince (Omulangira) Abraham Lincoln Ndawula’s Children:-

  • a) Prince (Omulangira) Frederick Juuko Ndawula.
  • b) Prince (Omulangira) Kalema Ndawula.
  • c) Prince (Omulangira) John Kanakulya Golooba Ndawula.
  • d) Prince (Omulangira) Ronald Romel Mulondo Ndawula.
  • e) Prince (Omulangira) Joseph Musanje Ndawula
  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Sarah Namaalwa.
  • b) Princess (Omumbejja) Getrude Tebattagwabwe.

6. Prince (Omulangira) Richard Lumaama’s Children:-

  • a) Prince (Omulangira) Richard Mutebi. He d. before 2005.
  • b) Prince (Omulangira) Semakookiro.
  • c) Prince (Omulangira) Edward Ssalongo Sekannyo Zzimbe.
  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Ssanyu Lulaba.
  • b) Princess (Omumbejja) Betty Lulunda Najjobe.
  • c) Princess (Omumbejja) Namaalwa.
  • d) Princess (Omumbejja) Nandawula Lulunda.
  • e) Princess (Omumbejja) Nassuuna.
  • f) Princess (Omumbejja) Rose Nawatti.
  • g) Princess (Omumbejja) Ntaleyabwera.
  • h) Princess (Omumbejja) Rebecca Sikyagatema Nabanaakulya.

7. Prince (Omulangira) James Sekannyo Mutebi.’s Children:-

  • a) Prince (Omulangira) James Jjunju.
  • b) Prince (Omulangira) Vincent Nakibinge. d 1993, h. Prince (Omulangira) James Wasajja.
  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Victoria Beatrice Namikka

8. Prince (Omulangira) Henry Harold Kagolo Jubiri Rashid Kimera.’s Children:-

  • a) Prince (Omulangira) Andrew Christian Sekamanya Kimera.  
  • b) Prince (Omulangira) Daudi Muwenda Kimera.  
  • c) Prince (Omulangira) Henry Kalemera Kimera.
  • d) Prince (Omulangira) Feizal Kimera.  
  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Barbara Lwantale Kimera
  • b) Princess (Omumbejja) Jasmine Naluwembe Kimera.
  • c) Princess (Omumbejja) Farida Nanchwa Dembe Kimera
  • d) Princess (Omumbejja) Nakiggala.
  • e) Princess (Omumbejja) Nalumansi.

9. Prince (Omulangira) Yusufu Lulambulankula Suna’s Children:-

  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Getrude Sebalabe.
  • b) Princess (Omumbejja) Ruth Kyamulabi

10. Prince (Omulangira) John Christian Lukanga.‘s Children:-

  • Prince(Omulangira) Jjunju. b. 1954. 
  • b) Prince(Omulangira) David Kikulwe.  
  • c) Prince(Omulangira) Michael Ssemakookiro.  
  • a) Princess(Omumbejja) Gertrude Nakamaanya. 
  • b) Princess(Omumbejja) Mabel Nkiinzi.  
  • c) Princess(Omumbejja) Elithabet Batenda.  
  • d) Princess(Omumbejja) Mary Nandaula, Nnalinya.  
  • e) Princess (Omumbejja) Betty Batenga.

11. Prince (Omulangira) George David Onesiphorus Juuko‘s Children:-

 a) Prince (Omulangira) Edwin Ssalongo Basammula Walugembe.

 b) Prince (Omulangira) Godwin Edward Kayondo Juuko,

c) Prince (Omulangira) Joseph Edward Kalemera Kiggala

a) Princess (Omumbejja) Audery Primula Muggale.

b) Princess (Omumbejja) Sarah Nakabiri.

c) Princess (Omumbejja) Irene Jemimah Ndagire.  Usurped the post of Naalinya 9th January – 23rd January 1999.

d) Princess (Omumbejja) Barbara Nkinzi.

12. Prince (Omulangira) Alexander David Ssimbwa.’s Children:-

  • Prince (Omulangira) Joseph Walugembe.
  • Prince (Omulangira) David Walugembe Bamweyana.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Tebandeke.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Robert Ssuna Mukuma.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Daudi Muwenda Tembo.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Peter Kayondo.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Kigala.
  • Prince (Omulangira) James Alexander Nakibinge.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Joel [Joe] Nakibinge.  
  • Prince (Omulangira) Wasswa Ssimbwa.
  • Prince (Omulangira) Kato Ssimbwa.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Eresi Balilala Nakayenga  

Grand Sons and Daughters of Kabaka Muteesa II

1. Prince (Omulangira) Micheal Ndawula

  • Prince (Omulangira) Edward Fredrick Walugembe Muteggala
  • Prince (Omulangira) Daudi Chwa .
  • Prince (Omulangira) Fredrick Suuna.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Enid Zalwango.
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Irene Lwantale .
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Hailey Nandawula Batindira Kibaze
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Sara Nakayenga

2. Prince (Omulangira) Herbert Kateregga

  • Prince (Omulangira) Emmanuel Mawanda .

3. Prince (Omulangira) Daudi Ssimbwa Kazibwe Golooba.

  • Prince (Omulangira) Farooque Sekamanya,
  • Prince (Omulangira) Daudi Chwa Tebandeke Mbogo
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Nakayenga Ndagire
  • Prince (Omulangira) Ssuuna Kisaakye Mukabya
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Zalwango Kamuwanda
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Nabaloga Nagawa Tebatagwabwe
  • Princess (Omumbejja) Sandra Natume

4. Prince (Omulangira) Patrick Nakibinge

  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Alice Keiner Zalwango
  • b) Princess (Omumbejja) Rhona Empologoma.

5. Prince (Omulangira) Henry Katabaazi Kalemera.

  • a) Prince (Omulangira) Kimera Luwangula Kamaanya Kayondo.
  • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Lwantale Nakawombe Namukaabya
  • b) Princess (Omumbejja) Nkinzi Muggale Nakamaanya  

5 thoughts on “Royals of Kanabba”

  1. its a very nice piece except more research and updating here and there

  2. How about prince Major Jjuuko Walugembe OF the UPDF, I think he’s one of them,

  3. This is done very well but still need updating as some info missing.
    Zalwango Erina Simbwa

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