Kabaka Kimera

1374 – 1404 Kabaka Kimera, Kabaka of Buganda. b. at Kibulala, Bunyoro, only son of Prince Kalemera, by Lady Wannyana, the supposed chief wife of his uncle, King Winyi of Bunyoro. Chosen while still a child by the chiefs and people of Buganda, who had grown tired of the rule of Sebwana, the Regent and Prime Minister. Established his capital at Masanafu Hill. m. (first) Nabukalu, daughter of Ndugwa, of the Lugave clan. m. (second) Nakku, daughter of Walusembe, of the Ffumbe clan, sometime Katikiro. m. (third) Namagembe, daughter of Kayira, of the Mbogo clan. He was k. ca. 1404 (clubbed to death while hunting) by his grandson (bur. Kanzine, Mulume County, and reburied at Lunyo in 1869), having had issue, two sons:

  • 1) Prince (Omulangira) Lumansi. b. at Nsambya, Kyadondo (s/o Nakku). General and cdr. of his father’s forces. m. Natembo, daughter of Nankere, of the Mamba clan. He d.v.p. during the return from an expedition to Busoga, having had issue, a son and a daughter:
    • a) Kabaka Tembo Kiride, Kabaka of Buganda – see below.
    • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Natembo, the Naalinya.
  • 2) Prince (Omulangira) Magembe (s/o Namagembe).

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