Qn. 1. If i wasn’t born a royal, can i become one by marrying a royal member?

Ans 1. In Buganda,  royal family members are born and any one from another clan cannot convert into the royal family even if it’s through marriage.

Qn 2. Can any royal become the next Kabaka?

Ans. 2. Only royals from Mujaguzo and Kanaba are eligible  for Kabakaship.

Qn. 3. Who appoints/selects/elects the next Kabaka?

Ans. 3. After the Royal family have isolated the rightful royals who can contend for Kabakaship, consultations are made from the Buganda Lukiiko and in reference to the previous Kabaka’s will, the Royal family can finally present the next Kabaka through Kasujju Lubinga.

Qn. 4 Is Semakookiro the Crown Prince of Buganda?

Ans. 4. In Buganda, we do not have the title of Crown Prince. Any royal from the two drums, (Mujaguzo & Kanaba) is eligible for Kabakaship. However, special consideration is first given the previous Kabaka’s sons and Semakookiro fits perfectly compared to Jjunju who is already Kiweewa.

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