Kabaka Namugala

Kabaka Namugala,

Kabaka Namugala, Kabaka of Buganda, second son of Prince Musanje Golooba, by his second wife, Nabulya Nalugwa. Succeeded on the death of his elder brother, ca. 1741. Established his capital at Nansana. Abdicated in favour of his younger brother, ca. 1750. Thereafter, he settled at Mawokota, Bulamadzi Co. m. (first) Abakyala Basuta, the Kaddulubaale (d.s.p.), daughter Masembe, of the Nsenene clan. m. (second) Najuka, daughter of Gunju, of the Butiko clan. m. (third) Nakangu, daughter of Kagenda, of the Mamba clan. m. (fourth) Nalubowa (d.s.p.), daughter of Segirinya, of the Leopard clan. m. (fifth) Nalunga (d.s.p.), daughter of Terwewalwa, of the Nvuma clan. m. (sixth) Nawaguma, daughter of Kisule, of the Tembo clan. He was accidentally k. from a fall on Nalubugo Hill, after 1750 (bur. Merera), having had issue, three sons:

  • 1) Prince (Omulangira) Katerega (s/o Basuta).
  • 2) Prince (Omulangira) Ngabo (s/o Najuka).
  • 3) Prince (Omulangira) Kiboli (s/o Nawaguma)

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