Kabaka Nakibinge Mulwanyammuli

 Kabaka Nakibinge Kagali

1524 – 1554 Kabaka Nakibinge Kagali, Kabaka of Buganda, eldest son of Kabaka Kayima Sendikadiwa, Kabaka of Buganda, son of Prince Wampamba, by his first wife, Lady Nakiyama. Succeeded on the death of his father, ca. 1524. Established his capital at Bumbu Hill. m. (first) at Nanziga, Nababinge. m. (first) Nabitaba (d.s.p.), daughter of Ndugwa, of the Lugave clan. m. (second) Najjemba, daughter of Semwanga, of the Donge clan. m. (third) Nalunga (d.s.p.), daughter of Lusundo, of the Nvuma clan. m. (fourth) Abakyala Namulondo, the Naabagareka, sister of Gunju, of the Butiko clan. m. (fifth) Nasuna, daughter of Nankere, of the Mamba clan. m. (sixth) Abakyala Bukirwa, the Nanzigu, daughter of Sekayiba, of the Mbogo clan. m. (seventh) Abakyala Nannono (d. at Bumbu, after 1554), regent after the death of her husband for a period of eighteen months, daughter of Seggirinya, of the Dgo clan. m. (eighth) Kabejja. He was k. in battle against the Banyoro, at Busaja, ca. 1554 (bur. Kitinda), having had issue, four sons and two daughters:

  • 1) Kabaka Mulondo Sekaja, Kabaka of Buganda (s/o Namulondo) – see below.
  • 2) Kabaka Jemba Busungwe, Kabaka of Buganda (s/o Najjemba) – see below.
  • 3) Kabaka Suna I Kisolo, Kabaka of Buganda (s/o Nasuna) – see below.
  • 4) Prince (Omulangira) Nzigu (s/o Bukirwa). Adopted by Wanema.
  • 1) Princess (Omumbejja) Batenga (d/o Namulondo).
  • 2) A Princess (Omumbejja) Nono. b. posthumously, ca. 1555 (d/o Nannono). She d. young.

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