Mayiga appointed Katikkiro

City lawyer Charles Peter Mayiga has been appointed next Katikkiro (prime minister) replacing John Baptist Walusimbi who chose to retire recently.

Mr Mayiga’s appointment was communicated by Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II in a statement issued yesterday by his senior principal secretary Peter Mpanga.

Mr Walusimbi yesterday returned the official kingdom mace (Ddamula) and handed it over to the Kabaka.
The secret ceremony, according to Kabaka’s press secretary Dick Kasolo, took place at Mengo Palace and was attended by Queen of Buganda Syliva Nagginda , head of kingdom elders Eng. Allan Waliggo, head of royal clan Moses Kayima and Mengo cabinet ministers.

Mr Kasolo said the kingdom will soon announce when the mace will be handed over to the new Katikkiro. The Ddamula is culturally regarded as the instrument of power and any one appointed in office of Katikkiro and receives it, he automatically becomes head of the commoners.

New cabinet to be announced
According sources in Mengo , the Kabaka is also expected to announce his new cabinet this week.
The last reshuffle occurred in 2008 when the Kabaka sacked outspoken premier Dan Muliika, and replaced him with Emmanuel Ssendawula, before eventually appointing Walusimbi.

A reliable source within the royal family told the Daily Monitor yesterday that the Kabaka took the decision to appoint Mr Mayiga despite resistance from some kingdom advisors who preferred a ‘more mature’ person to take up the coveted second top position in the kingdom hierarchy.

Although the official list of new ministers is not yet out, the source said Mengo will have lean cabinet of less than 15 members who will also receive monthly salaries. Mengo ministers have not been getting salaries.

Mr Mayiga has been a secretary to the Lukiiko, and also the kingdom’s Information Minister for more than 10 years. He is also a lawyer by profession.

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