Mutebi Attack Angers Baganda


New Vision (Kampala)

19 January 1999

Kampala — Claims that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is a child of the late Daudi Ochieng have provoked an angry reaction and condemnation from the Buganda Kingdom.

Kabaka Mutebi’s eldest sister, Nnalinya Dorothy Nnasolo, said yesterday the three elderly princesses, Nnalinya Catherine Nkinzi, Nnalinya Dorothy Nabweteme and Nnalinya Elizabeth Nakabiri, have always harboured malice and hatred against Ssekabaka Edward Mutesa’s family. “These same princesses were opposed to my father (Mutesa), saying he was not a son of (Ssekabaka Daudi) Chwa. Now they are saying Kabaka Mutebi is not a son of Mutesa,” Nnasolo, who appeared very upset, said. “At Kasubi tombs, after the installation of Irene Ndagire as heir to Nnalinya Muggale, they chanted, “Mutesa tumumaze. . .Mutesa tumumaze -we have defeated Mutesa.”

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