Kasubi Tombs Reconstruction Ready to Set-off

Kasubi Tombs Reconstruction Ready to Set-off

What Remained of Muzibwazalaampanga after the fireThe reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs is set to begin today 14th January 2013 as per the contract that was given to Omega Construction on 13th December, 2012.

The contract to reconstruct Kasubi Tombs was handed over to Omega Construction by Katikkiro Eng J.B. Walusimbi late last year where it was agreed that a grace period of one month be given to the Contractor to make all the necessary arrangements at the site and set off work on 14th January, 2013.

The 2nd Deputy Katikkiro Hajji Muhamood Ssemmambo Ssikimpi assured everyone that all these arrangements have already been accomplished and that Omega is given 15 months to hand over the tombs fully finished.

The tombs, a great heritage to Buganda were four Buganda fallen Kings including Muteesa I, Daniel Mwanga II, Sir Daudi Chwa and Sir Edward Muteesa II were laid to rest were completely destroyed by fire on 16th March, 2010.

Ssemmambo explained that the reconstruction work will be overseen by two committees including the technical committee and the cultural committee to make sure that everything is restored according to the norms and traditions of Buganda Kingdom.

Mugalaasi Pius of Omega Construction assured that they are ready and will be able to complete work within the stipulated period of time.

One thought on “Kasubi Tombs Reconstruction Ready to Set-off”

  1. its a blessing to the Buganda kingdom and our generation is now based on prince ssemakokiro . serubiri Godfrey impact fm

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