Buganda royals to take DNA tests to stop impostors

NewVision: Date: May 05, 2006

ANYONE claiming to be part of the Buganda royal family should take DNA tests to confirm their paternity, the Buganda Royal Council (BRC) has directed, reports Josephine Maseruka.

Prince David Namugala Mawanda, a council member, in a statement said there was a sudden influx of people claiming to belong to the royal lineage.”

He said such people could destroy the royal clan and the Kabakaship.

Namugala’s statement comes after scathing attack from Kimbugwe of the Prince kimbugwe Foundation, on the royal family, after he was disowned.

Kimbugwe claimed to be the son of Sir Edward Muteesa II, the father of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi.

Namugala, heir to the late Prince George William Mawanda, cautioned impostors who had been using FM radios and the print media to speak on behalf of the Buganda royals.

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