The current Buganda Royal Family lineage is one of the ancient but still surviving monarchy in Africa and entire world. Its existence goes back to the 11th Century when Kabaka Kintu, who  came to Muwawa and unified the clans under his leadership. He is recognised as the 1st King of Buganda Kingdom.

Buganda was very small then with only three counties of Kyadondo, Busiro and Kyaggwe. There where seven original clans including; Lugave (Pangolin); Mmamba (Lungfish); Ngeye (Colobus monkey); Njaza (Reedbuck); Ennyange (Cattle egret); Fumbe (Civet cat); Ngonge (Otter). Some of these clans had autonomous leadership before the coming of Kintu, and therefore had ‘Royalty’ in them. Kintu’s advent into Buganda saw addition of thirteen more clans including; Ekkobe (Liana fruit); Mbwa (Dog); Mpeewo (Oribi antelope); Mpologoma (Lion); Namuŋoona (Pied crow); Ngo (Leopard); Ŋonge (Otter); Njovu (Elephant); Nkejje (Sprat); Nkima (Vervet monkey); Ntalaganya (Blue duiker); Nvubu (Hippopotamus); Nvuma (Pearl)

HM Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, the 36th and current Kabaka of Buganda

During the reign of the successive Kings after Kintu, the Kingdom started expanding. This was a result of successful raids and annexing of lands from neighbouring kingdoms such as Bunyolo, Busoga, Buziba, Ankole, etc.

Kabaka Kimera  was the 3rd King of Buganda is also said to have come to Buganda from Kibulala where he grew up from with eleven clans including; Ngabi (Bushbuck); Butiko (Mushrooms); Kasimba (Genet); Kayozi (Jerboa); Kibe (Fox); Mbogo (Buffalo); Musu/Omusu (Edible rat); Nkerebwe (Jungle Shrew); Nsuma (snout fish) and Nseenene (Edible grasshopper)

Different clans sat on the Hill of Nnono and set rules and guidelines how they were to operate in harmony under one leader (Kabaka) and this becamee the Kingdom Constitution. The clans agreed that the descendants of Kintu will be the only ones to be called Royals and from who the succession to the throne of Buganda will always occur. There were stringent conditions put on the royal family to ensure that all clans may get an opportunity to be directly involved in the administration of the Kingdom.

The Kabaka, the Princes and Princess where not allowed to marry among themselves in order to give way for any clan member of Buganda to marry in the Royal Family. Such union brought the clans closer to the Monarch hence becoming influential in that era.

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